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About Blackwell Web Design LLC

Blackwell Web Design is a Louisiana limited liability company, whose mission is to help people get web sites online professionally and efficiently, with the individual web site owners' goals and preferences in mind.  We develop web sites and we also participate in community events, and employ local talent.

Blackwell Web Design is a small company.  We began in 1998 by volunteering to develop a nonprofit organization's web site, then helped that local organization's national organization restructure the national site.  After over six years of volunteering and developing many other web sites, it became clear that there was a strong need for such services.  We naturally grew and became the business we are today.

Our services do not end with the delivery of the site itself, but include training our clients and staying abreast of changes in the Internet.  We enable clients to be as involved as they want to be.  

Our web site philosophy helps keep the Internet alive and vital, and especially relevant.  The world wide web provides a way to keep information current up-to-the-minute, and we encourage our clients and the worldwide community to do just that.  

Visit often as we continue to evolve with our services.



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