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Nancy Blackwell and Kathy Todd saw a need for a web site design and development service in northeast Louisiana and recognized their unique qualifications to provide just such a service. Nancy has been creating and maintaining web sites since 1998, and Kathy has been on the business end of agricultural endeavors in the Delta region for many years. 

When Nancy returned to Louisiana after living in Alaska for over seven years, and wanted to start a web design business, Kathy was enthusiastic and agreed to help with both the content development portion AND the business management portion of the business. In 2002, the company became a reality.

From Alaska mountainside   A view of Cook Inlet from the top of Mt. Alyeska in Alaska, south of Anchorage. 

to a Louisiana bayou  Bayou Macon Cutoff near Delhi, Louisiana 

The business grew into the professional web development services business it is today.  Kathy now devotes her energies elsewhere, and the company, Blackwell Web Design, continues to provide independent web development services to businesses, churches, nonprofit organizations, and government entities throughout Louisiana and other states.  We are proud of our portfolio of clients.

Whatever your web site needs are, Blackwell Web Design can help. 



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