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Web Design Philosophy

Picture taken on a Sunday afternoon in Delhi, Louisiana. Click for a closer look.Simple.  That is our philosophy.  Keep it simple.  Your web site should function properly at all times.

There are so many computers nowadays running so many different ways, with so many variables that determine what an individual sees on a web page.  Some of those variables are:

  • screen size
  • display resolution
  • Internet connection speed
  • text size
  • disabilities (like inability to see color)
  • text only browsing
  • mobile personal computers and cell phones
  • different personal color schemes
  • browser choices

-- and who knows what will come in the future.

Our goal is to create simple sites that will look good and navigate easily, but we like flashy, colorful stuff, too, and you can see a little of that here, and on some of our clients' sites. 

Our overall goals are to make web sites that everybody can use, regardless of what kind of computer,  monitor, or Internet connection they have, and to help businesses and organizations that want a web site, get one.  

The public wants information from a web site and we can help get that information online.  Call us today. 1-318-348-7162.

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