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Blackwell Web Design helps people get ecommerce sites online

Smudged face smiling with dollar bills after working hard and earning moneyThe Internet has removed many geographical boundaries so businesses can now market goods and services anywhere in the world--instantly! Is your business ready?    

With secure online payments, your customers can pay for your products or services instantly and then you just process the order and ship the product or provide the service. You will save money making money!

There are parts and pieces--that need to fit together seamlessly for your e-commerce site.  We can help you get your site online efficiently and professionally.

You will usually need a "Business Account" with PayPal. Be sure to read all their documentation about doing business on the Internet.  We can help you make sense out of all that "computer and web site talk" so that you get what you need, and are comfortable with administering your site and filling your orders and getting that money deposited into your bank account.

Contact us for more about how you can "web-a-nize" your business with e-commerce. 


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