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At Blackwell Web Design, we do not host sites ourselves.  We help people determine their needs to find the best web hosting solution for those needs.  After you choose a web site host, we work with that web site host to get your site online efficiently and professionally--the way YOU want.

Your goals will determine what web hosting services you need. Not all web sites are serving the same purpose, and not all web sites need the same hosting capabilities.  

You may even already have web host space, and you should certainly use that space for your new web site, if it fits your needs.  Why pay more, if you don't have to?  

Do your customers place secure orders online?  If you want to receive payments for your products or services online securely, your web site host should be able to provide assurances that the information remains secure. 

Hosting is not something we do -- but it is something we certainly know a lot about!

Contact us when you are ready to get started. 

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