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Getting a Domain Name

A memorable domain name is as helpful as a memorable phone number.  A domain name is not "owned," but simply registered for a period of time.  It is relatively simple to register a "www" name--you just apply for it with a domain name registrar.  We have been told that sometimes what we think is simple, might not actually be simple to othersWe will be glad to help you with this process.

To begin, YOU think up some web addresses ("domain name") you might like. 

You then apply for that name with a registrar. During that registration process, you may discover that the name you have chosen is already registered by someone else.  Usually, there are alternatives and you can get something similar.  If you just have your heart set on that particular domain name, it might help to contact the owner to see if there is a chance they don't want the name anymore and will "release" the name and let you register it.  We can help with that process.

Nowadays, additional "categories" of names are being registered (for instance, .info" and ".museum" and ".aero" and ".mobi").  These categories are "generally applicable" as there are very few hard and fast rules about registration.  The Internet is developing so rapidly that there is very little set in stone--yet.

AFTER your domain name is registered, that registration renews periodically, usually every year, or more.  Your domain name can "point" to any host you choose, and can move from one host to another, if your needs change.

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