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Websites 101

Web Site Promotion

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Just imagine how many web sites there are out there in the world.  Simply getting a great web site out on the World Wide Web does not guarantee that folks will be able to find your site, but it is definitely the first step.  

Your web site will be easier to find if you promote it every chance you get--online, aloud, and in writing.Your web address will need to be submitted to search sites and directories, and other web sites that might help bring visitors to your site.  

There are a few companies that let you submit your web address for free, and some will add your site "immediately" to their directories.  

When promoting a web site, a web site developer should use keywords and descriptions on every page of your site so relevant pages can be indexed by a search engine.  Different search engines use different techniques to come up with a "hit list" when someone searches for something on the Internet.  Here are a few differences:

  • Some send out their "indexing bots" and look at a site and determine for themselves what a web site is about, and what words to use to make their index,
  • Some use only the information provided by the web site owner or developer,
  • Some use unique formulas for the words on web pages, titles of web pages, and popularity of a web site,

and new formulas and methods for finding information on the Web are developing every day!

We encourage the unique spirit of the Internet by trying to use "free submission" sites whenever possible. 

It is important that YOU continuously promote your own web site, too.  There are many ways to get visitors to your web site:

Always include your URL (www address) in your printed documents, like stationery, business cards, and invoices.
Always put your URL in advertising, such as yellow page ads, billboards, magnetic signs for your vehicles, signs on your building, ads in school yearbooks, newspapers, magazines, and so on.
Always memorize your URL and say it aloud in conversations as much as you can. 
Always put your URL on your business checks
Always list your URL with any trade organizations that you belong to, or other network of peers that do the same business that you do.   Usually all you have to do is send them an email message and "poof!" it's done.
Always put your URL on your outgoing email messages.  Sometimes a quick click after reading a message from you will be just the instantaneous results your potential customer will need
Always tell your friends and family about your URL.  They can refer folks to your web site any time they are discussing your experience and expertise.  If your URL is memorable, your potential clients and customers will find YOU.

The Website 101 pages are basic informational pages to provide an overview of some of the more standardized functions of most web sites.

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